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Seven dimensions of applied behavior analysis by Baer, Wolf, and Risley

Supervision Options

Are you looking for a quality BCBA Supervisor?  Do you need remote BCBA supervision?  Online BCBA supervision?  You have come to the right place! Read below to find out how this type of supervision works.  

To become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a candidate must complete 1500 hours of supervised independent fieldwork from a qualified BCBA. To become a Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst, 1000 hours of supervised independent fieldwork from a qualified BCBA is required.  I can provide remote supervision or in-person supervision to those professionals seeking to become certified. This supervision consists of watching you work directly with clients (e.g., through videotapes, Skype, FaceTime, etc.), providing you with feedback, providing you with readings, and providing training on all areas related to ABA. Our goal within the course of supervision is to not only prepare candidates to pass the board certification test, but to become quality behavior analysts.


I have been developing a set of training modules that correspond to the BCBA and BCaBA certification 4th Edition Task list, which will be in effect for testing starting in January of 2015.  This will enable trainees to learn from each task list item and provides ample opportunity to ask questions on confusing topics.  By the end of supervision, I want you to feel confident in your knowledge and abilities in the realm of ABA!

Sample Supervision Contract
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