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My name is Jonathan and I have been in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis for over 10 years. I first started off in the field working as a tutor 1:1 with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was in charge of implementing programming to address skill deficits and build a repertoire of skills and appropriate replacement behaviors. This site is a Lovaas replication site where we provided Early Intervention Behavior Treatment. I moved up the company ranks several times and eventually became a supervisor. In this capacity, I was able to design and implement, ABA programming as well as writing comprehensive reports to present during meetings. I gained valuable experience in this position, learning from Board Certified Behavior Analysts how to properly implement programming with fidelity, management of staff, and how to navigate situations that can be politically "sticky." I completed my Masters degree in Special Education during this time with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis from the University of West Florida. I then began working at a new job for a county office of education to broaden my abilities and knowledge of the field. I worked as a behavior specialist conducting Functional Behavior Assessments of students with mental health disorders, recommending behavior plans, and working with the school psychologists, therapists, and case  managers to implement the plan. This change allowed me to experience many aspects of ABA that my previous job did not, working with a much broader population in a field typically dominated by mentalistic providors. I completed many Functional Analysis Assessments such as those Iwata ran and designed probes and trigger analysis' to discover true functions of problem behavior and design  more successful interventions. I sat for the BCBA and passed on the first attempt in May of 2014, completing a long chapter in the field of ABA but opening new doors for me to experience more!


After passing my BCBA and spending almost 2 years in the mental health field, I moved on to a school district becoming their behavior analyst, providing consultation to teachers, developement of behavior plans, and training staff.  I look forward to many more years in the field of ABA and the constant learning that this field requires.

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