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If you are looking for affordable but quality remote BCBA supervision, you have come to the right place! I also offer supervision for BCaBA certification, in-person supervision, and study sessions to help prepare for the BCBA exam.  I have a lot of information on this site so browse through, and contact me with any questions. 

Remote BCBA supervision is not for everyone.  Behavior Analysts recommend that in-person BCBA supervision be conducted whenever possible.  However, if you live in a remote area or a region that includes few Board Certified Behavior Analysts, remote BCBA supervision may be right for you!  Click on the links to see how this works!

Certified Behavior Analysts are in high demand!

The median annual salary is just under $56,000. This is considerably higher than the national median income, which is just under $27,000 per year. There is a bit of variance in pay for this field, with yearly wages ranging from about $37,000 to almost $100,000. One who has just been certified might expect to make $40k to $60k a year. Geography also plays a strong role in salary—in Florida, for example, an analyst who has just been board certified (BCBA) could make as much as $75,000 as a starting annual salary. Individual cities average different annual salaries as well:

  • Los Angeles, California – $61,500
  • Boston, Massachusetts – $71,000
  • Tampa, Florida – $48k
  • San Diego, California – $64,000
  • Nashville, Tennessee – $54,500
  • Seattle, Washington – $51k
  • Denver, Colorado – $49,000
  • Houston, Texas – $58k


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